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Will the removal of upper teeth affect my vision?

This is an absolute blooper. Treatment of the upper teeth including its extraction, has absolutely no effect on your eyes.

Will an artificial set of teeth or complete denture last forever?

Perfectly made and fitted dentures last very many years. But the oral tissues below the dentures change with time. And dentures, made of hard, stiff materials cannot evolve dynamically to adapt to the changing contours of the oral tissues. Meaning, even the perfect set of dentures cannot last forever. In fact, if the dentures do not fit well, the underlying tissues could suffer damage. Which is why we recommend checking, and if necessary, replacement, after 5 years.

Once a decayed tooth is treated, are my problems over?

Decayed teeth are treated using restorative materials that are artificial in nature, and cannot absolutely match an original tooth in strength, colour or smoothness. And, if good dental hygiene is not maintained, decay can restart about the restorative material. Therefore, we recommend extra cleaning with floss, interdental brushes, etc. Alongwith an annual dental check-up.

Will tooth whitening or removal of tartar loosen my teeth?

Non-maintenance of oral hygiene results in tartar deposits on the tooth. They irritate the gums and can lead to gum inflammation or bleeding. In case this tartar is not taken off in time, the gums may recede and the surrounding bone could get damaged. Professional cleaning eradicated the tartar and prevents further damage to bone. It does not loosen the teeth and in fact prevents the tooth from being loosened further.

Are Dental procedures as painful as they are said to be?

Carried out under local anaesthesia, most dental procedures are completely painless. In addition, state-of-the-art equipment and high-speed drills cause less vibration and ensure the treatment is over quickly and precisely.

Can I undergo dental treatment when I'm pregnant?

Yes, of course. While routine dental procedures can be carried out even during late-pregnancy, major surgical procedure may require medical opinion before treatment. Do note, dental X-rays are to be avoided in the first three pregnant months.

Cleaning teeth with my finger & toothpowder is better than with toothbrush and paste?

A toothbrush's bristles removes plaque and even food particles embedded between teeth. Your finger, quite obviously cannot be as effective. Ideally, your finger should be used to massage the gums after brushing.

Charcoal, salt, rice husk, tobacco, etc. Are they more effective than toothpaste?

While standard toothpaste or powder has optimally sized particles, any powder with coarse particles can erode the outer layer of the teeth, leading to permanent damage. In addition, toothpaste is better than powder as it can be easily placed on the brush and it usually contains fluorides, anti-tartar chemicals, etc. The foaming action also makes you mouth feel fresher. Tobacco must be avoided at all costs as it is ineffective, and what's more, it's addictive.

Will by child's habit of thumb-sucking cause forward placement of upper teeth?

When your child sucks the thumb, it makes him or her feel secure and happy. It is normal and usually decreases after 3 years. But, if the habit persists beyond the age of 4-5 years it could lead to the forward placement of the upper teeth. Which may require the services of a trained dental surgeon.

Do I need to clean my child's milk teeth?

Of course. Children are as vulnerable to dental decay or gum diseases as adults. In addition it's best to start good habits early. Also, it's ideal to clean a baby’s gums with a loving massage even before the teeth appear. Do note that decay can lead to early loss of milk teeth, causing in the succeeding permanent teeth to come out in an irregular position, leading to imperfectly formed teeth and smile.

When my gums bleed, isn't it better not to brush?

Bleeding of gums result in the accumulation of plaque and food particles around your teeth. Until this motley collection is removed, the gums continue to bleed. Therefore, brushing the teeth with a soft toothbrush helps the gums recover. Initial bleeding should gradually reduces over a period of time with brushing. If not, it's time you visited us.

Will keeping an aspirin tablet beside a painful tooth reduces my agony?

No. It is likely to burn the soft tissues around. Therefore, swallow the aspirin and visit us.


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