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State-of-the-art. And pain-free. That's how our dental equipment can be best described. Where, we’re obsessively meticulous when it comes to:
At the Ebenezer Multispeciality Dental Clinics, a sterile clinical environment is our first priority. Which is why we keep our environs squeaky clean,& diligently follow
sterilisation procedures. Using individual packed sterilisation pouches and sterilisation indicators. Besides we follow the heat sterilisation process using the international standard autoclave at 121 oC. Only regularly tested drinking water is used for treatment. And we ensure ensure minimal chances of contamination by proper patient positioning, along with the use of high volume evacuation and rubber dams. Not to mention, disposables are disposed after first use including gloves following the safety standards very effectively and enusing safe and eco-friendly ambience.

Concern for our surroundings also extends to the environment at large. Ensuring safe, eco-friendly, and regular and disposing-off of syringes, gloves etc. Of course, while we’re environment-friendly, our clinics are patiently-friendly too. You’re treated as part of the family, so we go to great lengths to ensure you feel at home. And return back to your own, with an absolutely positive experience.

25 green kms from Cochin. A couple of kms from the banks of the meandering, perennial Muvattupuzha river. And bang on the Cochin-Muvattupuzha highway, lies Kolencherry, a bustling little town. Home to a medical college & hospital, yet set apart from the hurry-burry of Cochin.

Here, Ebenezer Multispeciality Dental Clinic hosts just about every important dental equipment. Clinical hygiene is maintained to the highest, global standards, while a well-defined appointments system ensures your wait-time is negligible.

Dr .JIBY and Dr.ASHA at your service everyday except Sunday, while consultant dentists visit regularly.

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