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Root Canal Treatment or Endodontics

The Root Canal, is a 'live' channel that contains nerves, blood vessels and soft tissues. It runs along the length of the tooth, and is covered by the white crown, which is what you see.

When the gum, or the root is inflamed or infected, your toothaches, and there's is a possibility of the 'infection' spreading to the neighbouring teeth. Therefore, the inflamed root canal contents, are removed, and replaced with a chemically inert, internationally accepted,biocompatible material. The tooth is then made functional by fixing an artificial crown, which is visibly similar to the original tooth.

The treatment takes about half to 1 hour. And can be completed in one or two visits, depending your convenience, and the severity of the inflammation. Our specialised, vibration-free equipment ensures that the treatment is completed quickly, with almost no pain.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants replace badly damaged or missing teeth. The implant serves as an artificial tooth root to which tooth replacements are attached. Made of a high-end, surgical titanium post, the implant is firmly attached to your jawbone. Then, after the bone and gum tissue have healed the implant is capped by a state-of-the-art, dental ceramic crown. Dental implants can eliminate gaps to let you eat and communicate with renewed confidence. And the restorations are snug-fitting as well as natural-looking, improving your smile. The treatment is pain-free and permanent.

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