Serach :
Return home with memories.
Return to home with sweet memories of GOD'S OWN COUNTRY is tranquility, the hospitality of the doctors' and the people. Paradise for your teeth. And heaven for your senses. Kerala. With a history of mouth fresheners (called pogala) and tooth powder (called pal-podi) before the word 'toothpaste' even existed. And a plethora of herbal treatments for tooth problems, before dentists were even born. So it's apt that God's own country is now home to the world's premier dentists. With treatment solutions that match the globe's best in quality. But are far behind, in quantity, i.e. costs. So now, green vistas go hand in hand with pearly white teeth. And nature's bounty complements clean, healthy gums.

So do get in touch with us. And we'll give you the details of how you can fly in, holiday around, and get the perfect smile before you fly out. All, at a fraction of what you'd otherwise spend on just treatment. And all, with every travel, accommodation and treatment taken care of, by us.





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